Staging Testimonials  

"Honey's previous experience as a real estate agent and expertise in interior design combined with a diplomatic yet enthusiastic manner has made her the perfect choice" to stage homes for resale.

"Honey can take a sow's ear and turn it into a silk purse - whether it's a $200,000 sale or a $2 million sale."

Whether staging a home for sale to increase its marketability, or re-staging a home for living to increase it's enjoyment-it is always about creating an easy, effortless flow that makes being in the space feel wonderful.


"Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance in transforming my company's two tired 1950's duplexes.

As you know, the real estate market in our area, as in the rest of the country, took a sharp turn down. We were very concerned, but continued refurbishing the duplexes, inside and out, according to your plan

I am very pleased with the outcome. One duplex had an offer in three days and the other duplex three weeks later, while other properties still sit on the market. There is no question that your expertise in transforming these properties was instrumental in the sale of both duplexes just before Christmas 2006.

I look forward to working with you for many years to come."

PierceCo Properties
San Rafael, California

"I have heard many stories from Realtors about how Honey's staging is what helped get their listing sold quickly.Very often some of these homes had previously been on the market with another Realtor and did not sell, but when Honey finished staging the home it sold quickly, even though the price may have stayed the same.

Honey is also very good at how she approaches sellers with her suggestions to improve the apprearance of their home. She is very gracious, professional and diplomatic in her approach.

Having worked as a Realtor also gives her great understanding and insight when working with agents, buyers and sellers."

Sheila Levine, Broker/Owner
Pacific Union Residential Brokerage
California 1997

"We discussed various approaches toward making his rather small home marketable in a currently soft market. I suggested that he contract with an expert to facilitate a fast sale at a reasonably high price.

The rest is history. You met with us, did your fact finding, made sensible and original suggestions.My client found your ideas to be reasonable and understandable and implemented your program in just a few days and we placed the property for sale.Real Estate agents and clients found the home cheerful and uncluttered.

The home sold in FOUR DAYS!!"

Donald G.
TRI/Prudential Realty
California 1993

"As you know this house had been on the market for two years and had not sold.

You were able to come through the house and in a very diplomatic way, tell the owners what to remove and where to place other items so they enhanced their home. They were very open to your ideas and made all the changes you suggested.

The result was so dramatic, that not only did the sellers receive and offer within one week of listing their property, but agents who came through the house during the Broker's Open thought it was a listing they had not seen before!

Your ability to see through the clutter and stage the house so that all its assets were visible, made the property look wonderful and definitely contributed to a fast sale."

Jane R.
Prudential Realty
California 1993

"You are A MIRACLE WORKER! You did a fabulous job on both homes that needed your special touch prior to exposure to the market and I know your creativity enabled them to sell quickly.

You worked quickly and professionally with my clients. I received many compliments from both agents and buyers. All were impressed with how warm, inviting and open the houses felt to them."

Diane M., Chairman's Circle
Prudential Realty
California 1993

"Of utmost value, was your incredible home staging of our daughter's home for sale appeal. There was no doubt in any of our minds that your magic made it sell in record time. What a relief for them. And the results of your advice for their new home have been nothing short of fabulous."

Janet and William S.
Michigan 2006

"I first met Honey Mannix in 1999 when she assisted me in a product shoot for a company in New York. Her attention to detail and knowledge of lighting, color, design and composition created an excellent finished product for the client.

In addition to her design awareness, I noticed that she had an ability to order and organize things in a way that I could not. As a result, I hired her to reorganize my studio space. It became a renovation. The result was a space that enabled me to work more creatively, which enhanced my business.

She is a reliable, honest person with great determination and integrity."

Russell D.
New York City

"For a long time, I have wanted to make changes in the placement of my furniture, particularly in the living room. I am so grateful for your suggestions which helped to create a whole new look. It was a pleasure to work with you."

Anne M.
Arizona 2005

"Honey Mannix has provided direction in cosmetic preparation, home staging and interior rearrangement of existing furniture. Honey has met with numerous sellers and was not only able to provide the specific advice but also get sellers enthusiastically involved in the process.

The end result has consistently been a home that is prepared for showing with its very "best foot forward." These homes have sold more quickly and at better prices than they would have without this detailing."

Jeff S.
Pacific Union Brokerage
California 1997

"Your magic touch worked! Thank you!"

Ursula and Harold N.
California 1994

"All the realtors in town are talking about this home as the 'ultimate state of the art designed townhouse'."

Bronxville Realtor
New York 2006

"Honey Mannix pays attention to who you are and what you are up to, and gets your space to support you and represent you. It's not easy but it is worth it!"

Russell D.
New York City 2002

"I really like what you did for me. My house turned into my home and it was the first time in twenty years that it really felt like my home and not just a place where I lived."

David M.
Belvedere,California 1993

"Thank you so much for your time and your genius and your creativity. It was brilliant and it made the house so much better."

Gaye R.
California 1999

"The colors you chose for the Second Avenue property were just amazing. It made such a difference!"

California 2007

...You make everything look so easy!

Meleah M.
California 2003

Each room that you worked on has such a mellow feeling now - it's just wonderful! Thank you for sharing your expertise.

Sue S.
Florida 2008

"This is the first home in Belvedere to sell for more than $1,000,000 this year.

Honey, you deserve a lot of the credit for the expeditious sale of this home. Thanks to your assisting my clients in the decorating of their home when they first bought it two years ago, and subsequently helping them 'stage' it prior to putting it on the market, their home showed beautifully."

Colette B.
Pacific Union Residential Brokerage
Mill Valley, California 1995
Honey Mannix Interior Design Since 1980
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